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Brutal Bicycle Racing

In June 1897 the Illinois state Sentate passed the Shannon Bill.
What was the Shannon Bill?
The purpose of the Shannon Bill was to bring a halt to "long continued and brutal bicycle racing."
How did they plan to do this?
By prohibiting riding for anything longer than twelve continuous hours.
It seems that one of the competitors at a Chicago Six Day Race (apparently not an "official" race, since there is no record of a Six Day in Chicago at such an early date) "became insane from incessant riding."

Let this be a warning to those who compete in twelve and twenty-four hour races, the RAAm, and other similar long distance events. Of course those Illinois legislators may have had it backward - perhaps you must first be a little crazy to want to race so long continuously.

I wonder if that law is still on the books?

images from the women's six-day race held at the Aquarium, in England

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