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Yeah, Why Not

After all we were going to be in Riverside anyway, so why not? After dropping the kid off at campus, why not just continue on to Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park for a little mountain biking? I had never ridden there, but have been wanting to for a month or so now, before the summer heat makes mid-day rides in that area unbearable. 

As it turns out there is an actual "main entry" to the place, along the many other access points. The only one I had researched, however, was the one just around the corner from Jenson USA. That entry was not obvious from my parking spot in front of the shop, so I ambled over to the doors and gave a pull, hoping to get directions. Closed, of course; it is Memorial Day after all. Fortunately one of the guys in the warehouse noticed and came out to point out the way to go (though the shop was closed, there were still folks working on mail orders at the warehouse). Helpful even when closed. Cool.
I have seen plenty of photos of Sycamore so had an idea …

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